FestivalSouth ADA Information

FestivalSouth welcomes people of all abilities to enjoy all of our events. We are dedicated to ensuring that the Festival is accessible to patrons who have disabilities.

If you have questions about accessibility, please contact info@festivalsouth.org or call 601.297.5172.



All of our venues are vetted to meet ADA requirements. Staff is available to assist patrons at all events.


Patrons with disabilities do not need to purchase a specific type of ticket for FestivalSouth. All seating is general admission and accessible seating is available in all venues.

For patrons without access to online ticketing, please email us at tickets@festivalsouth.org


Accessible parking is available for patrons with disabilities who have a valid (not expired) state-issued accessible car placard or license plates. By state law, the person who the pass is issued to must be present in the vehicle.

Space is limited. Accessible parking is on a first-come-first-served basis and space cannot be guaranteed. Please arrive early to ensure parking will be available.


Wheelchairs, medical scooters, rollators, walkers, canes, crutches, and other similar devices are permitted to assist patrons with disabilities.

FestivalSouth does not provide personal care, golf cart rides, or wheelchair push service. Please bring an attendant if needed. Please come prepared, as we are unfortunately unable to assist with repair or charging of mobility devices.



FestivalSouth provides ASL interpretation of spoken word performances on an as-requested basis. AI-based transcription services are also available upon request.

To request interpretation please submit your request to the Access team no later than May 15. Requests submitted after the deadline, or at the Festival, will be accommodated to the very best of our ability.

Please email info@festivalsouth.org to make your request.

An accessible viewing area for patrons who utilize ASL interpretation is available at each stage where ASL-interpreted shows are planned.

These viewing areas have a limited capacity and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.



The lobby of most facilities may be used as a place of respite for patrons who have sensory disabilities and need a break from the event’s sights and sounds. 

Patrons are welcome to bring personal devices such as noise canceling headphones or other self-soothing items to reduce the impact of the sensory environment.



Patrons with disabilities are welcome to utilize fully-trained service animals at all FestivalSouth events.

The following types of animals are NOT permitted at the Festival:

  • Pets
  • Animals that provide comfort or emotional support
  • Service animals-in-training
  • Service animals that are not under the complete control of their handlers
  • Animals will be screened by staff upon entry to venue. Patrons with animals that are not fully trained will be asked to remove their animal from the event. Patrons may return without the animal. Tickets are non-refundable for non-compliance.



Do you have comments or suggestions? Please let us know what services worked for you and ways we can improve our services to meet your needs. 

Please email your thoughts to info@festivalsouth.org.