About FSFX

At the moment, the the FestivalSouth Film Expo (FSFX) is on hiatus. The festival is expanding to more year-round elements and the hope is to move it to January/February 2021. Please check back and look for announcements as they become available.


Mississippi has given rise to some incredible artistic talents: From Tennessee Williams to Elvis Presley and B.B. King to William Faulkner, Eudora Welty and Morgan Freeman, the very soil seems to teem with creative potential. Bolstered back attractive tax rebates and similarly attractive scenery, Mississippi has enjoyed a significant presence from the film production community, from major Hollywood projects like the Coen Brothers’ O Brother, Where Art Thou? and the Chadwick Boseman-starring Get On Up to smaller indies that are gaining an audience and grabbing headlines in the international marketplace, setting up shop and shooting in the Magnolia state. Mississippi’s “Hub” City, Hattiesburg, MS now seeks to bring to the state a premiere film festival to showcase the state’s burgeoning film industry.

Now in our fifth year, we here at FSFX seek to pay homage to Mississippi’s rich creative legacy and to foster to give voice to independent filmmakers from Mississippi and around the world. We hope to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase and talk about their films, to network with other filmmakers and to advertise, in a way, the wonderfully complex creative power and culture that continues to percolate through our state and her people. The festival is directed by filmmaker and actor, Miles Doleac, a champion of independent films and the relentless artistic spirits that create them.

Each year, FSFX also hosts a film series and other special events, in addition to competition features and shorts. This year we are proud to celebrate Music at the Movies, showcasing the influence of Mississippi talents like Elvis, our great blues artists, and others and their contributions to the world of cinema. Stay tuned for further details on the line-up!


Sunday, June 16:

6:30: Red Carpet arrivals and cocktails

7:30: King Creole, Music in the Movies series

9:30: Viva Las Vegas, Music in the Movies series


June 17, 5 pm, Theater 1:

Music Video/Dance Block:

Life Is: 4:26

To Wonder at the World Above: 7:34

Sometime (A Mini-Musical): 24 minutes

Exist with us: The Squid and the Whale: 25:06

The Meaning of Us: 6 minutes, 6 seconds

Block Runtime: 1:07:12


6:30: Shannon Shea on VFX in Jurassic Park


June 17, 7:30, Theater 1:

Doc Block

Young Blood: The Mass Shooting Generation Takes Action: 17:00

Always in Season: 1:28:00

Block Runtime: 1:45:00


June 17, 6:45, Theater 2:

The Last Waltz, Music in the Movies series


June 17, 9:30 pm, Theater 1:

Hoodies: 24:00

2: 1:20:00

Block Runtime: 1:44:00


June 17, 9:30 pm, Theater 2:

Purple Rain, Music in the Movies series


June 18, 5 pm, Theater 1

Times Gone By, 12:00

Parallel, 11:00

Crisis Act, 11:28

Panda: 35:44

Silver Slipper: 58:37

Block Runtime: 2:08:49


June 18, 7:30, Theater 1:

Alienated: 5:00

Triggered: 1:49:31

Block Runtime: 1:54:31


June 18, 7:35, Theater 2:

The Dark Crystal, with live orchestration, Music in the Movies series

*Large theater. This will be a popular event.


June 18, 9:30, Theater 1:

This is Spinal Tap, Music in the Movies series


Wednesday, June 19


w/ MS Film Office Director Nina Parikh, President of MS Film Alliance Melanie Addington, Filmmakers Michael Williams, Miles Doleac et al


June 19, 5 pm, Theater 1:

Dusmas Briesmones: 15:27

Huckleberry Finn & the Widow’s Mite: 16:14

God Gave Us Grace: 27:06

Kerosene: Legend of the Shadow Man: 24:00

Bo McGraw and the UFO, 44 minutes

Block runtime: 2:06:47


June 19, 6:45, Grand Lobby:

‘Fosse’ Jazz Class with Rebecca Chandler


June 19, 7:30, Theater 1:

Game: 15:00

A Son Inherit: 14:11

Dead Winter: 15:35

Ahura: 15:36

Driven: 1:29:53

Block Runtime: 2:30:15


June 19, 7:55, Theater 2:

All That Jazz, Music in the Movies series


June 19, 8:15, Theater 3:

Almost Famous, Music in the Movies series


June 20, 4 pm, Theater 1

The Betrayal: 14:56

Signing Day: 8:00

A Picture and a Gun: 13:00

The Turner Exhibit: 24:48

Just My Type: 10:00

Block Runtime: 1:10:44


June 20, 6:30 pm, Theater 1:

B.B. King: The Life of Riley


June 20, 9 pm, Thirsty Hippo:

FSFX Awards Show and Concert featuring Quint


Shorts (Narrative and Documentary):

Panda, directed by Trent Dickens, Biloxi, MS

Dusmas Briesmones, directed by Ronn Hague, Poplarville, MS

Huckleberry Finn and the Widow’s Mite, directed by Ronn Hague, Poplarville, MS

Sometime (A Mini Musical), directed by Emily Raye Brown (last year’s Golden Magnolia Best Short winner), Hattiesburg, MS

The Turner Exhibit, directed by Matthew Bainbridge, Baltimore, Maryland

Crisis Act, directed by Alex Gheorge, Canada

Parallel, directed by Caleb Haynes, Poplarville, MS

Exist with Us: The Squid and The Whale, directed by Benjamin Smith, Hattiesburg, MS

The Betrayal, directed by Meggie Foster McCann, provenance unknown

Game, directed by Jeannie Donohoe, Los Angeles, CA

God Gave Him Grace, directed by Will Durham, Poplarville, MS

To Wonder about the World, directed by Megan Bradberry, Hattiesburg, MS

A Son Inherit, directed by Michael Williams, Meridian, MS

Kerosene: Legend of the Shadow Man, directed by Will Durham, Poplarville, MS

Life Is, directed by Irene Gracie, Hattiesburg, MS

A Picture and A Gun, directed by Kyle J. Tran, New York City, NY

Signing Day, directed by Justin Malone, Memphis, Tennessee

Times Gone By, directed by Caleb Haynes, Poplarville, MS

Hoodies, directed by Mattlan Ladner, Hattiesburg, MS

Young Blood: The Mass Shooting Generation Takes Action, directed by Mattlan Ladner, Hattiesburg, MS

Just My Type, directed by E.G. Fendler, Los Angeles, California

Alienated, directed by Sandy Parker, New Orleans, LA

Dead Winter, directed by Allison Hogue, East Point, GA


Features (Narrative and Documentary):

2, directed by Marcello Presotto, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Always in Season, directed by Jaqueline Olive, Brooklyn, NY (Olive is Hattiesburg native)

Bo McGraw and the UFO, directed by Jon Miller, Deere Park, Alabama

Driven, directed by Glenn Payne, Tupelo, MS

Triggered, directed by Chris Moore, Jackson, MS

Silver Slipper, directed by Travis Mills, Tuscon, Arizona (Mills lives in MS)


Awards & Prizes

Golden Magnolia Best Narrative Feature Award, $500 cash prize
Golden Magnolia Best Narrative Short, $250 cash prize
Golden Magnolia Best Documentary (short or feature), $250 cash prize
Audience Award, short or feature
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography

Rules & Terms

Golden Magnolia awards are jury awards. Audience award is based on audience scores provided at least 10 persons attend the film’s screening.

This project is supported in part by funding from the Mississippi Arts Commission, a state agency, and in part,
from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.